Americas’ Research Platform (AmRP) Meeting #14

The focus of this year’s AmRP Working Group Meeting was on North and South America Open Exchange Points and Networks. AmRP meetings provide a forum for Americas’ networking community to give updates on individual exchanges (e.g., new services, significant new connections, technologies, and testbeds) and on major R&E national and international networks. This meeting was held virtually on 24 September 2021. Initially intended to be physically co-located with the 2nd Global Research Platform Workshop (2GRP) and the IEEE e-Science 2021 conference in Innsbruck, Austria, AmRP went virtual when e-Science went virtual. 

Chair Joe Mambretti, StarLight/Northwestern University/iCAIR
Coordinator Maxine Brown, University of Illinois Chicago

Final AmRP Agenda

North and South American R&E Open Exchanges 

North and South American R&E National and International Networks