XRP is a generalized reference to the “X” number of Research Platforms being developed worldwide. An XRP is a highly distributed, multi-domain, large-scale, heterogeneous, secure environment, global in scale, that closely integrates high-performance computing, networking, storage systems, and instruments. An XRP reduces divisions and boundaries among services and resources to enable seamless use by data-intensive applications, providing researchers around the world with efficient access to the specific resources they require. An XRP encompasses regional, local, national, and international Research & Education communities engaged in scientific research challenges in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The GRP provides a forum/venue for these XRPs to meet with their key international partners, discuss services and resources to facilitate interoperability, consider future science-driver requirements, and extend their current capabilities to Research & Education sites and communities around the world that do not yet have access to advanced services and facilities.

Americas’ Research Network (AmRP), North/South/Latin America

Asia Pacific Research Platform (APRP), APAN, Asia Pacific

Pacific Research Platform (PRP), West Coast, USA

National Research Platform (NRP), USA