Data Mover Challenge 2023: Call for Participation

The international Data Mover Challenge (DMC) is a competition that is run once every 2 years and it aims to bring together experts from industry and academia in a bid to test their software and solutions for transferring huge amounts of research data. DMC seeks to challenge international teams to come up with the most advanced and innovative solutions for data transfer across servers located in various countries that are connected by 100Gbps international research and education networks.

The challenge focuses on optimising point-to-point data transfers between sites – a crucial step forward in advancing research collaboration and sharing. Participants from all over the world will compete by deploying the best software tools on Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) that are set up within existing international networks across the globe.

The DMC competition is a key event of the SupercomputingAsia (SCA) conference series. Co-organised by the HPC Centres from Australia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, SCA is an annual international conference that encompasses an umbrella of notable supercomputing events with the key objective of promoting a vibrant and relevant HPC ecosystem in Asia. DMC 2023 was launched on 28 February 2023 at SCA23.

Eligibility: This Data Mover Challenge is open to all organisations, companies, research institutions, academia, researchers, post-graduate students and undergraduate students. Representatives of all partnering organisations for the challenge shall not participate as team members for this competition.

The Challenge: DMC 2023 will run from 1 August to 30 October 2023.

Participating teams will be given 5 days to deploy and run data transfer tests based on given scenarios:
• 3 days to set up software: Monday SGT (UTC+8) 0000Hrs – Wednesday SGT (UTC+8) 2359Hrs
• 2 days to run the data transfer and demonstrate software to judges: Thursday SGT (UTC+8) 0000Hrs – Friday SGT (UTC+8) 2359Hrs (Statistics and results will be captured)

More information on DMC 2023 is available on the NSCC website.

Registration is now open! Register using this online form.

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