The 3rd Global Research Platform Workshop (3GRP)

October 10-11, 2022

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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The 3rd Global Research Platform (3GRP) Workshop is an evolving effort focused on design, implementation, and operation strategies for next-generation distributed services and network infrastructure, including interoperable Science DMZs, on a global scale to facilitate data transfer and accessibility. 

3GRP, held October 10-11, 2022, was organized by Joe Mambretti (Northwestern University) and Maxine Brown (University of Illinois Chicago) and co-located with the 18th IEEE International Conference on e-Science in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Attendance exceeded 60 people; all attendees and most speakers were local. However, due to scheduling conflicts, a few speakers had to be streamed into the Workshop. All talks were extremely well received, and questions and comments were insightful. 3GRP was a huge success, and organizers are already planning next year’s Workshop. 

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